Technical charakteristic

The ventilation louvers are equipped with screw louver input which is made of stainless steel
grade 1.4571 (316). Louver blades (air guide vanes) are inclined at the angle 45 and wholly cover a working space.
Input – type “XS” have a grid which is initiall for good and is made of woven screen, eye 12 mm
made of stainless wire Ø 1,2.
This ventilation louver can be install in steel and aluminium walls. Frames (“STKN” and “ALKN”) are made with holes Ø 11 for screw of the louver into a wall.
Closable louvers can have a cover like in point 6. Screw closures (M12) are install in louvers “Z”
till size 800 x 800 and above this size M16 closures.
Closable louvers (if the cover is closed) ensure a tightness for sprinkle with water – 200 kPa.
The bolts of the closures and hinges are made of stainless steel – grade 1.4571.
All parameters of the louvers are given in the tables for closable louvers the tables are given for
each model.
Materials which exist in description are in the following grade: steel – St3S, aluminium – ALMg 4,5 Mn.